May 19, 2022

A wood products company was fined $ 90,000 for “failing to hire women”; must engage in reforms

EAGAN, Minnesota – The Minnesota Department of Human Rights (MDH) fined timber truss manufacturer Villaume Industries $ 90,000 for allegedly refusing to hire women.

The MDH opened an investigation into Villaume in November 2019 after receiving complaints that the company refused to accept female applications from an employment agency. After the investigation, the MDH found that Villaume had no women working in entry-level production jobs.

Villaume has agreed to settle down. In addition to the fine, the company must:

  • Hire at least one qualified woman for every three employees in its application stream within the next two years
  • Implement annual anti-bias and “cultural humility” training for employees and managers
  • Modify recruitment documents to explicitly state that the company welcomes and values ​​women
  • Report hiring data every 90 days for the next four years
  • Donate $ 5,000 (part of the $ 90,000 fine) to an organization that supports the advancement of women in the workplace

Villaume was founded in 1882 by Eugène Villaume and has been a family business for four generations. The company is a manufacturer of wood trusses for new residential and commercial construction and custom wood crates, boxes and pallets.