June 29, 2022

Canada Coarse Wood Products Market Trends, Share, Size, Growth, Opportunities and Forecast 2019-2024 – ResearchAndMarkets.com

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The Canadian secondary wood products market reached a value of US $ 27.5 billion in 2018 and is expected to reach a value of US $ 30.9 billion by 2024, posting a CAGR of 1.83% in 2019 -2024.

Secondary wood products, also known as value-added wood products, are produced by the processing of primary wood products such as lumber, lumber, pulp, etc. Secondary wood products include products such as kitchen, wood cabinets and counters, wood products, wood pallets, and secondary paper products.

The secondary market for wood products increasingly contributes to the growth of the economy and employment in Canada. Recent innovations in forest products in the country have led to improved industrial competitiveness and environmental performance in a wide range of industries, from natural resources, manufacturing and agriculture, to chemicals, healthcare. health and cosmetics.

According to the Forest Products Association of Canada (FPAC), Canada is a leader in forest sustainability and accounts for the majority of the share of all certified forests in the world, driving the growth of the secondary products market. wood. Strengthening and facilitating the manufacturing of secondary wood products is now seen as the next step in creating a more sustainable economy in Canada.

In addition, the country’s investments in the Forest Industry Transformation Program (IFIT) to support the Canadian forest sector have increased the growth of the secondary market for wood products in the region. The country is also one of the largest exporters of wood products in the world, thus increasing its economy through the sale of various secondary wood products around the world.

Key questions addressed in this report:

  • How has the Canadian secondary wood products market performed so far and how will it perform in the years to come?

  • What are the most popular product types in the Canadian secondary wood products market?

  • What are the different stages of the Canadian secondary wood products industry value chain?

  • What are the main drivers and challenges for the Canadian secondary wood products industry?

  • What is the structure of the Canadian secondary wood products industry and who are the main players?

  • How competitive is the Canadian secondary wood products industry?

Main topics covered:

1 Preface

2 Scope and methodology

2.1 Study objectives

2.2 Stakeholders

2.3 Data sources

2.4 Market estimate

2.5 Forecasting methodology

3 Executive summary

4 Presentation

4.1 Overview

4.2 Key Industry Trends

5 Canadian secondary market for wood products

5.1 Market overview

5.2 Market performance

5.3 Market breakdown by type

5.4 Market Forecast

5.5 SWOT analysis

5.6 Value chain analysis

5.6.1 Overview

5.6.2 Raw material supply

5.6.3 Manufacturing

5.6.4 Marketing

5.6.5 Distribution

5.6.6 End use

5.7 Porters Five Forces Analysis

6 Market breakdown by type

6.1 Wooden furniture

6.1.1 Market performance

6.1.2 Market breakdown by type Office furniture Household & Institution Kitchen, cabinets and wooden counters Other furniture

6.1.3 Market Forecast

6.2 Engineered wood products

6.2.1 Market performance

6.2.2 Market breakdown by type Plywood OSB Particle board Other engineered wood

6.2.3 Market Forecast

6.3 Secondary paper products

6.3.1 Market performance

6.3.2 Market breakdown by type Paper products Cardboard containers

6.3.3 Market Forecast

6.4 Others

6.4.1 Market performance

6.4.2 Market Forecast

7 Secondary manufacturing process of wood products

7.1 Product presentation

7.2 Raw material requirements

7.3 Manufacturing process

7.4 Key success and risk factors

8 Competitive landscape

8.1 Market structure

8.2 Key players

8.3 Profiles of key players

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