August 9, 2022

Donating equipment is the perfect tonic for a forestry project

Holt Wood Hill

Disused carpentry and carpentry equipment has found new life on a social enterprise forestry project.

It will be used by young people and others as they learn new skills at Hill Holt Wood.

The Norton Disney project offers a wide range of services, including education and training in timber, countryside and forest management.

It also provides nature-based therapeutic services for people with mental health issues and learning disabilities.

The equipment was saved from scrap metal thanks to a donation from the Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (LPFT).

The machines, previously used by the trust’s carpentry team, had remained dormant in a workshop, unused for several years.

The estates team decided to find a better location for the industrial saws, mortising machines, dust extraction system and other woodworking equipment, and looked at how to recycle or dispose of them in a way. ecological.

“Our confidence firmly believes in sustainability”

The idea of ​​donating the equipment to Hill Holt Wood was suggested to Mr. John Clarke, Associate Director of Estates and Facilities Management at LPFT, by his daughter, Amy, who is in a training program with the social enterprise.

Mr Clarke said: “We needed to empty our redundant shop, but we didn’t want to scrap all the machines.

“We thought there had to be an organization that could put it to good use.

“Amy suggested we approach Hill Holt Wood and we are delighted that they are interested in entrusting us with the equipment and bringing it back to life in their workshop.

“Our Trust strongly believes in sustainability, helping people recover from mental illness and giving our service users a purpose in life by learning new skills and fitting into a work environment.

“Supporting Hill Holt Wood fits perfectly with our vision as her training program benefits many local youth, including my daughter. “

Mr. Ben Wilson, Chief Ranger at Hill Holt Wood, said: “We are absolutely delighted to receive this donation. LPFT’s equipment is of a higher industrial standard than what we had before.

“It will be used as part of our educational program with young people.

“We will also use it in our sustainable design and alternative construction projects and to make products for sale, which helps us fund our operations. “