May 19, 2022

Eastern Engineered Wood Products inaugurates a new distribution center

Eastern Engineered Wood Products recently opened a new distribution center in Virginia’s Heartland Regional Industrial Park.

KEYSVILLE, Virginia – Eastern Engineered Wood Products recently hosted the grand opening of the company’s new distribution center near Keysville, Virginia.

The 32-acre parcel is located in Virginia’s Heartland Regional Industrial Park at the interchange of U.S. Routes 15 and 360. Construction will be completed later this year and the facility will include offices, cutting buildings, a building drive-thru storage and vertical shelving. Approximately 22 acres of the site will be finished for inventory. It will replace a smaller leased facility the company occupies in Emporia, Virginia, and expand the current delivery footprint to new markets further west in Virginia and North Carolina. It will also serve customers in Washington DC and parts of Maryland.

Similar to the model of its distribution center in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, the new location will be exclusively dedicated to the sale and distribution of engineered wood products. “Our commitment to creating an exceptional customer experience ensures that our customers can expect accurate and on-time delivery of parts, work packages or truckloads of material within one to two days. Even more important than stocking large inventory, hiring and training talented people is essential for us to meet the needs of our customers,” said Todd Lindsey, president of Eastern Engineered Wood Products. At full capacity, the company plans to provide up to twenty or more full-time jobs in Keysville and the surrounding area.

The EEWP grand opening was attended by officials and guests from Keysville and surrounding areas, including representatives from the Virginia Department of Railroads and Public Transportation, Charlotte County, and Virginia’s Regional Heartland Industrial Facility Authority.

Eastern Engineered Wood Products was incorporated in Pennsylvania in 1998. The company distributes structural flooring and roofing systems to professional contractors through a network of lumber retailers and truss manufacturers. You can find out more on the company’s website at