December 5, 2022

How You Really Should Clean Your Wood Furniture

According WoodWorkly, one of the best ways to clean your wood is to use mineral spirits. Mineral spirits remove grime and dirt that builds up over time, bringing out the original beauty. It is a solvent, so it will also remove any buildup of wood stain, paint or oil-based product. It prepares the wood to accept a stain and renews dull finishes. If you are doing a restoration project, you will definitely use mineral spirits. It restores the original grain and beauty of wood, and is safe and easy to use. If you are doing a restoration or preparing to stain a wood project, you will first want to use mineral spirits to prep it. After wiping the surface, the first step is to lightly sand it in one direction, in the direction of the grain. Do not use higher quality sandpaper than 220 grit or it may ruin the grain and appearance. This is an essential step before staining or restoring the wood.

For the rest of the steps, Clarity of woodworking recommends wiping the piece with a sticky cloth after sanding, which is made just for this purpose with its slightly sticky fibers. Next, you’ll take another soft, clean, dry cloth and pour enough mineral spirits on it to dampen a large section. Wipe all surfaces with the damp cloth, moving to a clean section or a new cloth as needed. Keep the cloth clean and damp with mineral spirits as you go. Gently rub in one direction with the grain, and do not rub in circles or from side to side. Then take another clean, dry cloth and wipe it down. Finish by completely air drying. It shouldn’t take more than 15-20 minutes before it’s ready to dye. Right now he looks like tree-mendous!