December 5, 2022

IKEA’s new solid wood furniture is beautifully inexpensive


Everyone loves to make fun of IKEA’s glorified cardboard furniture. But IKEA’s future in building hardwood furniture is stronger than you might think.

See the Skogsta collection. This new line of incredibly affordable kitchen and dining pieces are made from solid acacia, a fast-growing tree that grows in warm regions around the world. Mature acacia trees also exhibit a beautiful two-tone appearance.

“We use both the sapwood and the acacia kernel,” IKEA said in its statement. “The mix of darker and lighter wood is part of the design, giving character to the different rooms. This provides a unique look and at the same time optimizes the use of the material.

This isn’t IKEA’s first foray into solid wood furniture. The company has always offered a few solid wood items, but in the past year customer demand has Forced IKEA to double down on sturdier solid wood designs. it’s even bought forests all over the world to provide the right wood. Then, in January, IKEA released the Nornäs collection, a magnificent series of Scandinavian-inspired pieces in solid pine. Untreated wood can be painted or stained, so it can be customized as you like.

The new Skogsta line actually features a wax finish. Softer to the touch and more water resistant, smaller pieces can take a beating and will apparently only improve with age. With butcher’s blocks starting at just $ 6, one of the more expensive items is a $ 50 bench. (That’s about half the price of the comparable solid wood bench from the Nornäs collection.) At these prices, you would think the material was really cardboard. But it’s wood!

Check out a sample of parts in the new Skogsta parts below. The entire collection is now available in stores across the United States

Skogsta dining table – $ 350

Skogsta bench – $ 50

Skogsta chair – 40 $

Skogsta shelf – $ 35

Skogsta tray with stand – $ 20

Skogsta box with handle – $ 10


All images via IKEA.

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