October 1, 2022

Moxley’s Handcrafted wood Furniture opens in Bolingbroke, Georgia

People can come in and request anything personalized, from planks, beams, tables, mirrors and photo frames to deli boards, rolling kitchen islands, and more.

BOLINGBROKE, GA – A new bespoke furniture store is now open in Bolingbroke.

Denise Moxley is the owner of Moxley’s Handcrafted. She owns and operates the spot alongside her husband, Troy. They opened the store the second week of April at 6217 Dixie Highway.

“It was amazing. A lot of family, friends and locals here have been very supportive of me,” said Denise.

Moxley’s manufactures and sells all of its furniture in-house. People can come in and request anything personalized, from boards, beams, tables, mirrors and photo frames to deli boards, cutting boards, rolling kitchen islands and cabinets.

“You name it. It’s made of wood, we can build it, ”she said.

Denise says that if someone comes in and finds something they like, but want it in a different color or size, they can customize a room just for them. Everything is handmade.

“If you have old wood that your grandparents left under their house and you want to do something with it; my husband owns a sawmill. We can take it to the sawmill, we can cut it to the size you want, build what you want and put it in your house, ”she said.

The couple started planning the store to open in late 2020, building and stocking furniture. With the help of a few friends, it took Troy two weeks to build the entire Moxley Handcrafted showroom just in time for the spring opening.

“We think you are using what God has given you and that God has given my husband the ability to do anything with wood,” Denise said.

Her husband owns a construction company that builds houses. Because the market is high right now, the Moxleys decided to make furniture.

“Most people are renovating right now and not building,” she said.

It is about providing “beautiful furniture” for people to put inside their renovated homes. Denise says Moxley’s is competitively priced for quality products and prices vary for each product.

“It’s real wood. It is not something that you are going to get at the furniture store that is particle board. You will never give this to your grandchildren … it will be there forever, ”she said.

Moxley’s is open Wednesday to Saturday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.