June 29, 2022

Ontario teenager creates website to boost wood and other made-in-Canada products

UXBRIDGE, Ont. – An Ontario teenager created a MadeinCanada.ca website, listing products made by Canadian companies, including furniture, flooring and consumer goods, a number of which are made from carbon components. drink.
Among the 270 companies listed in the growing database are businesses large and small, including recent additions such as office furniture maker Natalex Manufacturing in Cambridge, Ont., And Prairie Sticks Bats, a producer. baseball bats made of ash, maple and birch in Lacomb, Alta. Site founder Tyler Campbell, who lives in Uxbridge, Ont., Says he and two partners built the site in response to what he considers “hostile” US tariffs.

“As tariffs on many US products come into effect and a trade war escalates, Canadians are looking for products made in Canada,” Campbell said.

Made In Canada compiles a list of these products in one place, so consumers can support Canadian jobs and workers, he says.

South Shore Furniture

“We know it can be difficult to find products made in Canada, and even more difficult to find products made in Canada from a Canadian-owned company,” he says. “So we make a list. “

Among the largest companies listed is Meubles Rive-Sud, privately owned by the Laflamme family, which today employs around 800 people in North America and manufactures a large part of its merchandise in two factories in the province of Quebec, more a third factory in Mexico; and MityBilt Furniture in Stonewall, Manitoba.

MityBilt manufacturing

According to the website, to distinguish between Canadian-owned businesses that Campbell believes are more “Canadian” than an American-owned business We will also include products made in Canada by non-Canadian companies.

Interest in the Made in Canada site was high, with traffic at the start of the month causing it to slow down and even collapse as awareness grew across the country.