May 19, 2022

Purely Wood Furniture: Celebrating 25 Years and Overcoming Obstacles

Mark Hughes and Randy Beliveau, owners of Purely Wood. Courtesy photo

MANCHESTER, NH – When friends and colleagues Mark Hughes and Randy Beliveau had Unexpectedly dropped from their positions at Unfinished Furniture House 25 years ago, they haven’t curled up. With years of experience in the furniture industry and extensive product knowledge, they decided to give it a go by opening their own furniture retail store.

Although they were under-capitalized to start a business, they were endowed with a vision, and that vision is what kept them motivated.

“We were just thrown in the cold. Our employer was in financial trouble and we didn’t know our jobs were in danger. I was two days away from closing my house when I was let go. Talk about a stressful situation, ”says Hughes.

Within weeks, with the little income they had saved and money given or borrowed from friends and family, they raised enough capital to buy inventory and set up their own furniture store, Purely Wood Furniture, originally located on Second Street in Manchester.

Hughes and Béliveau clearly remember this first day.

Purely Wood Furniture on Elm Street celebrates 25 years of existence. Courtesy photo

“It was a feeling of true independence and a moment of pride because we had turned a negative situation into a positive one. It was a very exciting time, ”said Hughes.

When you walk into Purely Wood Furniture, you see that they just don’t carry your regular tables and chairs. You’ll see a range of items, such as hard-to-find freestanding bookcases, eclectic furniture, and handcrafted desks. They offer a variety of wood types and finishes such as cherry, oak, and maple, and they also have a wide selection of specialty decorative items, home accents, and finishing supplies.

The company is also proud to be one of the few furniture retailers in the Manchester area to offer unfinished wood furniture so customers can choose a stain or finish that can be matched to complement their project. uniquely designed interior decoration.

The showroom presents finished and unfinished pieces. Courtesy photo

“The dynamics of retail have changed so much,” says Hughes. “You have to listen to the customer and, in doing so, ensure that their needs are met. It is important that we give the customer the benefit of our experience. We do everything we can to make doing business an easy and enjoyable experience by offering layaway and delivery services, and we are always looking for ways to keep prices low and quality high, ”Beliveau said.

Part of the company’s mission is not only to provide quality wood furniture products to the community, they also strive to do what they can to support local schools, donate furniture families in transition and honor the men and women in uniform.

As part of its store policy, the store offers an automatic discount to those who serve the community, whether they are police, firefighters or military personnel.

“These men and women put their lives on the line for all of us every day, the least we can do is give them a little prize-giving as a little way to say thank you for your service and thank you for keeping us safe.” , says Hughes and Beliveau.

Many prizes and specials will be part of the anniversary celebration mix. Courtesy photo

Purely Wood Furniture invites the community to come and view their store, now located at 293 Elm St., in downtown Manchester.

For their upcoming 25th anniversary, Hughes and Beliveau plan to offer special store-wide pricing to commemorate this milestone and to thank the community for their patronage. In order to better serve its customers, the company intends to use social media as its primary communication tool in 2018 and will direct all of its customers to its Facebook page to announce in-store promotions, industry tips and company news alerts.

After going through the most difficult times, colleagues agree: “We never take our customers for granted and it has been our hallmark for 25 years. Without them we do not have each other. If we are fortunate enough to be here for another 25 years, that basic principle is and always will be the same.

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