December 5, 2022

Rambler Wood Products to Open Plant in St. Paul, Virginia, Creating 73 Jobs | Latest titles


ST. PAUL, Virginia – Rambler Wood Products will invest $ 7.6 million in the city of St. Paul to establish a value-added wood products manufacturing plant in the former Bush Furniture Industries building, creating 73 jobs, announced Governor Ralph Northam on Friday.

The nearly 300,000 square foot facility will make Rambler the first of its kind to operate entirely indoors, allowing full production year round, according to a press release. Through this project, the company is committed to sourcing at least 55% of its timber from the state, supporting regional loggers and forest owners by purchasing $ 22.3 million of hardwood grown in Virginia. over the next three years, the statement said.

Rambler will convert high quality white oak into barrel staves for the West Virginia Great Barrel Company and other cooperages in the region. The facility will also use red oak and lower value hardwoods to produce dimensional lumber for sale to flooring manufacturers, pallet production and the mining industry. Wood residues will be sold to paper companies or transformed into biomass products. The remaining wood chips and sawdust will be sold to paper mills or transformed into wood pellets.