January 15, 2022

Save your wood furniture with these water-based stain tips

From the Belle house

Forgot a coaster? Even diligent hosts can be prone to the appearance of pesky water rings days later, with the moisture already lifting the wood stain to leave ghostly water spots. We spoke to Val Olivera from Val’s Services for advice on how household products will remove water rings and keep your furniture from needing a DIY treatment.


This medicine cabinet staple uses its natural oils to restore interior wood and remove white water stains left on treated surfaces. All you need is a dust cloth to polish it.

Spread petroleum jelly on the water ring and let sit overnight. Make sure the wood has been dusted so that the oils can penetrate the surface. The next morning, wipe off the excess and buff off the oils. Clean the furniture as you normally would.

Olive oil and vinegar

For wood stains caused by wet glass, you will need a two-step solution to break down the moisture and replenish the oil in the wood. Look no further than your dressing. An equal part of vinegar and olive oil is the perfect team for restoring wood furniture.

Oliveira explains how to get the most out of cooking ingredients. “Put some of this solution on a cloth and gently apply it to the stain. Be sure to wipe in the direction of the wood grain, then use a dry cloth to wipe off the excess solution and leave the furniture shiny. “


A gel-free toothpaste has just enough abrasion to smooth out any irregularities in the wood while coating the piece with a protective layer. Just spread the toothpaste on the water ring and rub lightly with a toothbrush after a few minutes. Wipe off the excess and buff the table with a microfiber cloth to remove the water stain.

If you regularly find water spots on your surfaces or enjoy being entertained, it’s time to take preventative measures.

“If your wood furniture doesn’t already have a protective finish, I suggest you apply your own. Common options are lacquer and varnish and both will give your furniture greater stain resistance,” recommends Olivera. .

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