December 5, 2022

Tips for caring for wooden furniture


Wooden furniture, with its vintage charm, adds a sense of curb appeal to your home. Any wooden room is a highlight that deserves all the attention. It is for this very explanation that one must give his upkeep extra care and consideration. However, realize what helps and what doesn’t. Taking care of the furniture is a task, but it is incredibly rewarding. Here are some tips you could use to take good care of your furniture:

Dust well

A sparkling piece of furniture makes a room shine. In addition, the perfect measure of cleaning helps to do this. Make sure to use a soft, dry cotton pad to remove dust. If you could clean your sofas, tables and other furniture twice a month, then there would be no such thing.

Try not to abuse the furniture

To avoid rings and heat damage, always use napkins when placing glasses or cups on wooden tables, and never place hot food directly on them without the assurance of a trivet. or a pot holder. Place a decorative spread to protect your coffee table from food and drink spills.

Stay away from environmental damage

Daylight, heat and other environmentally friendly components can devastate your precious wood. Try not to place important furniture before exposed windows, vents, or fireplaces, as light and heat can damage and cloud the wood.

Oil and wax regularly

Oiling and waxing the wood is suggested as this gives it a sparkling finish. Likewise, it adds a defensive layer, a coating at a superficial level that then breathes life into its appearance. Try to use oil and wax for your wood units once every 90 days.

Keep the smell of wood fresh

Sometimes older coins give off an unpleasant odor, especially if they have been stored. You can sprinkle baking soda on the surface to spruce it up, and place a charcoal dish inside the drawers to trap odors that emerge from the inside. You can even leave the room outside in a hidden area on a hot, dry day to alleviate an unpleasant odor and make your furniture smell new.

Taking care of your wooden furniture is not difficult or even tedious, and the price for your labor will be a house filled with wonderful wooden furniture that looks and feels as good as the day you got it. eu – now and for quite a while. long to come.

– Written by Mr RaghunandanSaraf, Founder and CEO, Saraf Furniture