December 5, 2022

Wood Products Maker Announces Virginia Facility, Creates 73 New Jobs


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A manufacturer of wood products will establish a new production facility in southwest Virginia, state officials said.

Rambler Wood Products will invest $ 7.6 million in a former furniture factory in Saint Paul, Virginia to house its new operations. The project is expected to create 73 new jobs, according to the office of Virginia Governor Ralph Northam.

The mill will convert white oak into barrel staves for regional cooperages – including the West Virginia Great Barrel Company – and red oak into hardwood products for the flooring, pallet production and liner industries. ‘mining. The residual wood will be transformed into biomass products or sold to paper mills, while the remaining wood chips and sawdust will either go to the paper sector or be transformed into wood pellets.

State officials said Rambler has pledged to source at least 55% of its timber from Virginia – $ 22.3 million of hardwood over the next three years – which would help create a new market for landowners and allow sustainable forest management.

“These markets will help ensure that Virginia’s hardwood forests, which cover 78% of the Commonwealth and account for almost half of the revenue from timber produced in the state, are well managed with an eye to the future,” the secretary to agriculture and forests in Virginia, Bettina Ring said in a statement.

Officials also said the facility will be the first of its kind to operate entirely indoors, allowing year-round production.

“In addition to contributing to the economic rejuvenation of the region, we are committed to being thoughtful stewards of the region’s natural resources by implementing sustainable practices and a ‘waste nothing’ philosophy in all of our operations,” said Rambler founder Mark Wadams.

The company will receive a grant of $ 300,000 from the state’s agricultural and forestry development program, which will be supplemented by local funding.

Image Credit: Photo by Elevate on Unsplash

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